Q:  How is the SRT Neck Release different 

       from other methods?

        SRT is not chiropractic, and it is non Medical.

    The Procedure is completed in one office visit with one

    complementary follow-up visit and for most people,

    the Procedure is permanent and never needs to be repeated!

                                                                         To accomplish this we developed a special Tool, The SRT-2.

                                                                         This tool is used Exclusively by our Certified Practitioners.





Q: How do I know if I need the Procedure?

With spending so much time on computers, along with poor posture,

and experiencing different injuries throughout our lives, not to mention

injuries experienced during the birthing process that we have carried with

us our entire life. It’s no wonder that we have found that almost

everyone needs this corrective Procedure!


  Q: Is the Procedure painful?

      The Procedure is different for each person. Some like it and comment

      that it “feels Good,” others use the word “intense” to describe it.

      Our Practitioners are trained to work in a compassionate and nurturing

      way in the application of the SRT  Neck Release Procedure and each session

      is customized to the particular need of each client.

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